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Christ Church St Ives

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In Folder: Woodhouse, Rev Dr John

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1 Thessalonians; 1Th 2:17-3:13, Recording, Oral


Woodhouse introduces the book, explaining the context, authors and readers. He expounds verses 1-10, exploring Paul's prayer for the Thessalonians. Woodhouse shows that the gospel creates faith, love and hope. We can trust God because he loves us, this should cause us to love others, and to look forward to the return of Christ. Woodhouse explains that the gospel requires words, and that the words come with the power of the Holy Spirit. He argues that the gathering of the church is the most important gathering because it displays God. 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10


1 Thessalonians; 1Th 2:13-16, Recording, Oral


1 Thessalonians; 1Th 5:12-28, Recording, Oral


Ezk 33


Ezk 1-3


Woodhouse speaks on Genesis 11. He explains that Genesis 1-11 focuses on the whole world. He reflects on what society is and our place in it. Woodhouse looks at the effects on the world if the world had a universal language. He shows that universal and common language leads to ambition and wanting to seek our own glory. Woodhouse explores how God addressed this ambition.


Woodhouse speaks on Matthew 9:14-17. He explores what it means to be radical. He looks at John the Baptist, including his message of repentance. Woodhouse looks at Jesus' comments about John the Baptist when looking at the Kingdom of Heaven. Woodhouse explores the question around fasting from John's followers. He looks at Jesus' response and what this said about Judaism and the Old Testament.


Colossians; Col 3:12-17, Recording, Oral


Joshua; Jos 9, Recording, Oral


Matthew; Mat 16:1-12, Recording, Oral


Christmas, Recording, Oral


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