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Multiple Bible readings throughout the talk. Cameron looks at self-inclosure. He examines a non-believer who challenges believers to act on world need, and the availability of fair trade material.

not after 2015

Ford explores the history of ethical issues to explain what bioethics is. He explores the shift from curing disease to changing what we are as humans. Ford explores how a relationship with God changes how we think about our limits. Ford examines how we should think about suffering and that it is part of being human. Ford answers questions from the floor in an biblical ethics framework.


Cameron speaks on the relationship between Christianity and ethics. He details what Christianity really is, that God is merciful, has made a way for us to be saved and there is nothing that we can do to be saved. He then links this to ethics as we no longer have to focus on our performance, and that this is communal, not individual. Cameron explores humility, and that the cross enables humility to occur.

not after 2015

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