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PhD thesis by Joel Atwood exploring the uses of חּר in Biblical Wisdom Texts, including Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job. Abstract reads : "Text: רוּח ַ is a central term in the thought-world of the Hebrew Bible, and also strongly polysemous, able to refer to meteorological (wind), anthropological (breath, spirit), theological (Spirit), and other non-human creaturely (spirits) phenomena. Many efforts to date have examined רוּח ַ via the theological uses and seek to relate the divine Spirit to other use of the term. This study attempts an alternative approach by focusing upon the relatively understudied anthropological uses of רוּח ַ. To examine how רוּח ַ is used with reference to human persons, we employ several approaches and insights from the field of Cognitive Linguistics to examine in detail the רוּח ַ-texts from the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. The restricted sub-corpus allows for extensive examination of the contexts of the instances of רוּח ַ enriched with the insights of cognitive semantics and cognitive approaches to figurative language. Using our analysis, we will suggest a provisional construction of the relationships between the different senses of רוּח ַ when used to refer to a human person that provides insight into something of the conceptual structure that is evoked when רוּח ַ is used in these ancient texts. This project contributes both to the understanding of the texts themselves via the incorporation of multiple approaches from the field of Cognitive Linguistics and provides a richer understanding of how a sub-section of uses of רוּח ַ is used to depict the human person and its experiences, especially as to how a concrete and embodied sense such as breath is developed through metonymy, metaphor, and semantic association to generate many of the diverse uses in biblical Hebrew." 1. The Elusive רוּח 2. The Protean רוּח 3. The Liminal רוּח - Ecclesiastes 4. The Exhausted רוּח - Job 5. The Path of the רוּח - Conclusions


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