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Stott speaks on the topic of racism/racialism/race relations. He looks at what the Bible says on this topic, especially Acts 17 and Paul's speech in the Aeropagus. Stott speaks against polytheism, and against idols. He also challenges the racial tensions within the Cold War. 1. The God who proclaimed is the creator of all nations 2. The God who proclaimed is the the disposer of all history 3. The God who proclaimed is the God of all mankind 4. The God who proclaimed is the giver of all life 5. The God who proclaimed is the judge of all the world Applications - humanity is the norm, not race. Despising other believers is an offence against God, and we must demonstrate that our ultimate unity is in Christ.


Tong expounds Acts 6:1-7 to look at the life of Stephen. He stresses the importance of prayer as a way of submitting to the purposes of God.


Tong expounds Acts 6:8-7:53. 1. The context of the speech 2. The content of the speech 3. Colour in the person of Stephen just a little bit more.


Tong speaks on Acts 7:54-60. He looks at three aspects : 1. How the Sanhedrin bares the image of their forefathers 2. How Stephen bares the image of Christ 3. How God advances his purposes through the death of a righteous man


Brown looks at how God uses people, comparing the approaches used by Jesus and Paul. Brown then parallels these to cross-cultural ministry in 1995. He stresses the importance of gentleness instead of controntation. Brown explores the balance between reason and belief - with sufficent content, not all of it. Brown works through Paul's explanation to Athens in Acts 17 and the things we need to change in our presentations, especially repentance.




Three recordings of 2CH programs on one tape. Talk one : Speaker gives a summary of Acts. He places the text in it's original context, including the reaction of the crowds, and the spread of the gospel. Speaker explores the role of the significant preachers, their bravery and death. He looks at the beginning of mission work. Speaker examines the challenges faced by Paul, including shipwreck and imprisonment. He looks at the mission opportunities that Paul took. Speaker highlights the similiarities between Paul and his audience. Recording two : Review of a book about a mission work amongst Indigenous Australians. Discussion of activities at missions. Recording Three : News headlines.


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