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Manchester speaks on the topic of the spiritual battle from Ephesians. He examines how the devil works. 1. Remember the battle Ephesians 6:10-11 - be strengthened, put on the armour. Manchester explores what the spiritual battle looks like, including how the devil works, and that we are not set free from the fight, we are free for the fight. Manchester looks at the mistakes we make, including self-confidence and feeling overly paralyzed. 2. Remember the armour There is a counter-plan, so we must not rely on ourselves.


Richardson examines the topic of christian marriage from Ephesians 5. He stresses that a Christian marriage should reflect Christ and the Church, and thus that Christ should be central. Richardson explores the aspect of submission, and that this is ultimately to Jesus and doing his will and word. He challenges some of the mis-understanding of this passage, including the sub-ordinance of women, and what it means to practically submit. Richardson examines the complementary command to husbands, and that the marriage is the greatest union in life.


Smith explores the a spiritual struggle/battle, and that this is for the struggle against the devil. He stress that the battle is real, but that Jesus has already won, ready for the fight. Smith examines where the battle will be fought. 1. The belt of truth - God's people are those who know the truth, and our role now is to spread the truth. 2. The breastplate of truth - totally acceptable in front of God, given freely thorugh Christ. Rightousness is also our reponsible to spread. Be filled with the Spirit. Rightouesness flows from truth, so where we ignore God leads to actions in the same area. 3. Feet fitted with readiness - Fitted through the gospel of peace, knowing that we have peace with God. 4. Shield of faith - the trust we have in both God and his word. 5. Helmet of salvation - complete assurance of salvation. 6. Sword of the Spirit - God's word. This is both offensive and defensive, and will cut through the enemy. The power of prayer, and our absolute dependence on Christ.


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