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Barth explores the role and formation of the Christian community, especially church. He explores some of the damage that can be done in churches with poor theology.

Barth, Karl

Fiocco explores what it means for God to be th church, and to encounter the presence of God. Fiocco explores what it meant to have enemies for the Ancient Israelites, how were enemies with God, and how God has made peace with us. He provides some reflections on what the church should be, both as a body, and as individuals. Fiocco reminds his listeners that God is already dwelling with them by his spirit, and that this should affect the way they treat one another.


Fiocco stresses that the church is full of imperfect people. He explores being generous with the resources that God has given us, using the ancient church as a model. He explores the judgement on Ananias and Sapphira, comparing it to the book of Joshua. Fiocco givse examples of present-day hypocrites, but gives thanks that people didn't strike down people today as he did before, and that God is changing us to make us more like Jesus in this area.


Reeves explains that nothing is too big to stop Christ building his church, including death. He details Jesus' passion for his church, including the people that he calls, and the length that he goes to build his church. Reeves shows that the church is of great value to God.


Reeves explores how it is possible to enter God's throne room, because Jesus has died for us. He encourages his listeners not to be over run with guilt, but instead to draw near to God and to hold on to the hope held out by God. Reeves explains the importance of gathering together. He shows how terrible it is to walk away from God. Reeves explores how early believers responded to persecution and the confidence they had in the gospel. Reeves explores finishing with enthusiasm.

Reeves, Marcus

Cook speaks on the dangers of religion - or works, and the danger of temple theology. Discussion of what the words 'Christian' and 'church' means. Detailed dicussion of the church as the building of God. Cook speaks to how the gospel can not be changed, and thus must be unashamedly proclaimed. He challenges his listeners to consider what type of building they are when Christ dwells in them. Cook shows how Jesus is the master builder of the church.

Cook, David

Cook stresses the importance of being committed to the local church if one is committed to Christ. He shows how we are priests, offering ourselves to God. Cook shows from Philippians how believers should focus on other people.

Cook, David

Cook looks at living life remembering that Jesus is returning, and that this is wise. Cook looks at the image of the vine, and that walking in love is the fruit of the vine. He shows that God uses the Bible to prune us. Cook explores our relationship with suffering, and that God works through all our circumstances to make us more like Christ and to repentance. He streses the importance of being obedient, so as to remain in the vine, and that this shows in loving and serving people.

Cook, David

Dickson warns about Christian leaders who have given up their faith, and the reasons that caused it, including discouragement and neglecting to meet and deliberate sin. 1. Discouragement Dickson shows how discouragement can lead to giving up meeting, and then to denying Christ altogether. 2. Neglecting to meet Leads to spiritual isolation of members of the body. Dickson explores how the Hebrew's confidence is undermined by not meeting together. 3. Deliberate sin Leads to God's judgement. Dickson explores why Jesus is the High Priest that we need, so that we can approach God in thankfulness.

Thow, Lyn

Anderson looks at what is required in a Christian Community, including the relationships and the work of the Holy Spirit. He explores benefits of different sizes of groups, discipling one another, and the distribution of time. Detailed discussion of working and meeting together regarding outreach. Session is followed by questions.

Anderson, Bill

Earngey introduces the talk. Hohne recaps his earlier talks. He explores the implications of Jesus' death and resurrection. Hohne explores historical debates around the trinity, and supports them with passages relating to the Spirit, especially Acts. He compares the coming of the Holy Spirit to appearances of Yahweh in the Old Testament. Talk is followed by questions.

Höhne, David A., (David Alan), 1967-

Thompson introduces the final talk, and recaps the series so far. Hohne also provides a recap of the series. He connects all the talks together. Talk is followed by questions.

Höhne, David A., (David Alan), 1967-

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