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Barth gives a summary of earlier lectures. He explores the power of theology, where it comes from and when it can be dangerous. Barth explains that the Bible is the way God has revealed himself, through the Spirit, as compared to theology. Barth details the role of the Spirit in a believer's life, in contrast to theology.

Barth, Karl

Stott speaks on the fruit of the Spirit

Stott, John R. W. (John Robert Walmsley), 1921-2011.

Wesson speaks on the power of the Spirit.

Wesson, J.

McDonald discusses God's guidance, both his methods and his promises. He explores how the Spirit and the Word work together. McDonald explores that we run to God's freedom and ignore his promises, and encourages his listeners to not play up God's freedom or play down God's promises. McDonald reminds his listeners that God is soverign and is able to guide. He explores God working his will through our will, with examples from Acts and from Genesis. Detailed discussion on applying the Bible to decision-making.

McDonald, David

McDonald speaks on how the Holy Spirit is received from Galatians 5:16-26.

McDonald, David

Smith speaks on the spirit or breath of God in the role of creating. He examines how breath proceeds, or goes on underneath unseen. Smith gives an overview of the Old Testament and the role of the Spirit throughout this period. He explores how Jesus fulfills Old Testament promises, through the work of the Spirit. Smith further explores the work of the Spirit.

Smith, Bruce

Adam summaries God's open policy - God did it through the cross. Forms of persecution felt in Britain in 1991. Discussion of Paul and his delivery of the gospel, and what it is to work with the Spirit's power. Adam explores the relationship between gifts and weakness. He stresses that Christian ministry can be difficult and challenging, and that this shows that Christ is at work. He explains that God is looking for stickability. Adam challenges his listeners to consider their strengths, and the traps associated with them. God's grace is sufficent and is shown in our weaknesses.

Adam, Peter

Speaker gives 4 tips for reading the Bible and listening to teaching - Always check what's said against the Bible, let scripture interpret scripture, derive our beliefs and practices from the teachings part of the Bible, and let the Holy Spirit work. Speaker explores the account of Simon the magician, and the delay of the Samaritan's in receiving the Holy Spirit. He speaks against 2-step salvation, and then explains the history of the Samaritans. The speaker explores the witholding of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of this for unifying the church. He addresses some of the ways people missuse Acts 8.

Fiocco, Dom

Forsyth covers : 1. The Spirit in the action of the gospel 2. Evangelism as the ministry of the Spirit, and 3. The Spirit and the energy to Evangelise

Forsyth, Rob

Jackman speaks on John 20. He explains that the resurrection is the key, that the resurrection shows that Jesus is more than just a man.

Jackman, David

Hatton talks on who the Spirit is and the importance of walking by the Spirit in obedience. He stresses on the importance of being open with one another and being in fellowship with other believers.

Hatton, Jim

Earngey introduces the talk. Hohne recaps his earlier talks. He explores the implications of Jesus' death and resurrection. Hohne explores historical debates around the trinity, and supports them with passages relating to the Spirit, especially Acts. He compares the coming of the Holy Spirit to appearances of Yahweh in the Old Testament. Talk is followed by questions.

Höhne, David A., (David Alan), 1967-

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