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Barth gives a summary of earlier lectures. He explores the power of theology, where it comes from and when it can be dangerous. Barth explains that the Bible is the way God has revealed himself, through the Spirit, as compared to theology. Barth details the role of the Spirit in a believer's life, in contrast to theology.

Baughn speaks on 1 Thessalonians 1. He looks at the works of the Spirit, and that he can not be confined by our minds. Baughn shows that the Spirit is a force allowing us to be a life for God in the souls of men.


Baughen explores the role of the Holy Spirit throughout both the New and Old Testaments. He details the prophesies from the Old Testament and what they tell us about the coming of the Spirit. Baughen details the prophesies in the New Testament, including pre-Jesus in the prophesy from John the Baptist, the absence of the Spirit throughout the Gospels, and post-Jesus throughout Acts and the Epistles. Baughen corrects some mis-conceptions relating to the Holy Spirit, and explores the relationship between the Spirit and faith. He details the historical progression of the Holy Spirit.


Baughen summarises m4603a. He shows that the Holy Spirit makes our relationship with God personal. Baughen explores incidents that block our relationship with God, especially sin, but more so an inadequate grasp of salvation, and a lack of assurance of faith. Baughen examines the work of the Spirit in sanctification. He stresses the importance of a personal relationship with God, and the implications of that, including changes in lifestyle, and a desire for prayer.


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