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Forsyth examines what the gospel is, and why we're shying away from using the term 'Christ' and instead using the term 'Gospel'. He looks at having the cross at the centre of evangelism. Speaker looks at atonement and the importance of the Resurrection to show that Jesus is Lord. Forsyth explores the change that needs to happen in the way we share the gospel to Western Culture., Recording has an echo. Cassette label reads : "Rob Forsyth Jesus and evangelism 1 hr 10 mins 97008 AFES National Conference 1997 Talk 3" Box label reads : "'The truth is there' A series on evangelism by Rob Forsyth"


Jensen speaks on the topic of Christ among the gods from the topic Christ and Eternity using the text Colossians 1:15-23. Jensen summarises Colossians as 'Christ Jesus as Lord'. He explores what it means to be in the image of God, including Christ being there in the begininning. Jensen explores some of the problems of translations. Jensen looks at getting our purpose from our creator. Jensen looks at monotheism in the Bible., "Cassette label reads : ""Phillip Jensen Colossians 1:15-23 Christ and Eternity AFES - NTE 6/12/99"" Box label reads : ""Focus tapes Christ among the gods AFES National Training Event 1999 Phillip Jensen and Richard Chin 5/12/1999 - 8/12/1999"""


Jensen looks at Colossians 1:15-28. Jensen looks at the nature of death, in order to show that our life is dependant on God, that death is the opposite of life. Jensen shows that death is the wages for sin, and thus is abnormal. Jensen shows that Jesus has risen to be Christ, Lord, because his death was sufficient to pay for sin. He shows that people are not persuaded by the resurrection, and unerstanding the Old Testament first helps to understand that Jesus resurrection means the start of a general resurrection and the beginning of judgement., "Cassette label reads : ""Phillip Jensen Colossians 1:15-28 Christ and the Future AFES - NTE 7/12/99"" Box label reads : ""Focus tapes Christ among the gods AFES National Training Event 1999 Phillip Jensen and Richard Chin 5/12/1999 - 8/12/1999"""


Palmer looks at the importance of Jesus coming again, as this is what makes Jesus Lord. He looks at the reminders Peter gives in 2 Peter 3:1-18 : 1. Know your facts - judgement is coming 2. Know your God - he will come like a thief in the night 3. Know your people Palmer looks at what it means to live a holy and godly life, including busying ourselves with sharing the gospel., Cassette label reads : "Hugh Palmer 2 Peter 3:1-18 What a difference a day makes 98089 AFES - NTE 12/98" Box label reads : "Focus tapes Forward to the day 2 Peter Hugh Palmer AFES National Training Event December 1998"


Palmer speaks on 2 Peter 1:12-21. He speaks on Peter's reasons for writing, and the need for being reminded of the gospel. Palmer shows what the gospel is from Acts. Palmer explores the historical evidence presented in 2 Peter. He presents Jesus' lordship and power, and it's application for life. He shows how the Old Testament is also God's Word. Palmer highlights the unification between Peter and Paul., Cassette label reads : "Hugh Palmer 2 Peter 1:12 - 21 Pay attention! 98087 AFES - NTE 12/98" Box label reads : "Focus tapes Forward to the day 2 Peter Hugh Palmer AFES National Training Event December 1998"


Raffell speaks on Jesus' journey to Jerusaleum to be crucified and raised to life again from Matthew 20:17-21:22. He explores quotes from Isaiah and Zechariah used by Matthew to show that Jesus is the Saviour. Raffell explains the imagery of the fig tree that teaches on the actions of the temple. He explains that the people of Jerusalem are spiritually blind, as seen in their lack of prayer, and that Jesus is the only one who can allow us to see., Cassette label reads : "Matt 20:17-21:22 Kanishka Raffell Focus 96" Box label reads : "Matt 13-21 Focus Semester 1, 1996 Misc preachers"


McDonald explains the types of questions we should be asking about Jesus, and his relevance to 1996. He explores who people thought Jesus was from Matt 16:13-20, and what it means for Jesus to be the Christ, or annointed one. McDonald shows that God has to reveal the truth about Jesus to us. McDonald expounds the verse about the foundation of the church, arguing that the church will be built on Peter's confession, that is that Jesus is the Messiah. McDonald explains what it means for Peter to have the keys to heaven, that is to preach the gospel. He shows that God is still building his church, and that we should not take this for granted. Talk is followed by questions., Cassette label reads : "Who was Jesus, Really? Matt 16:13-20 D. McDonald 7 May 96" Box label reads : "Matt 13-21 Focus Semester 1, 1996 Misc preachers"


Lubbock speaks on Thanksgiving in the ACTS model of prayer. He challenges the congregation to make a list of those for which they are thankful. Lubbock explores different ways people have responded to God in thankfulness (or otherwise) throughout the Bible. Lubbock speaks against positive thinking, instead showing that we need to be content and thankful in all situations. He shows how Jesus lives out this trust in God in his death and resurrection. Lubbock stresses the importance of sticking with Jesus and having him as the boss, and then why sometimes we stop giving thanks. He looks at Paul as an example as continuous thankfulness., Cassette label reads : "Andrew Lubbock 19/11/95 Thanksgiving 55 mins" Box label reads : "Series on prayer Michael Kellahan Supplication Andrew Lubbock Thanksgiving Shane Gill Marcus Reeves Adoration"


Manchester explores the 4th square in Two ways to live. He looks at the relevant passages, and the Biblical theology. Manchester shows that God has chosen Jesus as both king and saviour, and that Christ died to bring us to God. He points out that we need to show that our good works/religious efforts are futile and that Jesus is our only hope., Cassette label reads : "St Thomas' Anglican church Reasons for the hope 4. Christ came to save Mark 10 8.7.01pm Simon Manchester", Reasons for the Hope


Ovey speaks on Mark 10:35-45. He shows that we all have evil inside of us, especially selfishness/desiring our own glory 1. What is Jesus? - James and John assume Jesus is King - King of heaven and earth. He is also the Son of God. This must be recognised 2. What are we to Jesus? - his subjects, we can only ask and not command. King and leaders serve, which is different to worldly kingdoms. Jesus is a Servant King, as seen in his willingness to die. 3. What kind of servant? - one who pays the ransom, who serves on his terms. He makes us his slaves instead of being slaves to sin in his service. We can not buy our own freedom, slavery is inescapable. All we can do is accept the freedom offered by Jesus as paying for the slave involves paying for a life. Thus Jesus has to pay the ultimate price for our freedom, and can do so because he is not a slave., Cassette label reads : "St Thomas' tape library 2. 'The secret of sin' Mark 10:35-45 10.9.95 pm"


Barnett speaks on Colossians 2:1-7, focusing on verse 6. He explores enduring in the faith. He reads the passage in the original context. Barnett shows that we do not need to be afraid if we are in Christ, as Christ is the image of all creation. He reminds his listeners that Jesus is the Lord. Barnett explores the imagery of being rooted in Christ. He explains that we must have growth to continue in Christ., Cassette label reads : "Colossians 2:1-7 - Rt. Rev. Dr Paul Barnett Trinity Chapel Macquarie"


Bolt follows the thread of Jesus' kingship over creation. Over at least two lectures, her explores how God exercises his kingship over creation in general, and over his people more specifically. 1. The word of God and creation 2. Involves obligations There is detailed discussion of Genesis 1-11, with a focus on Genesis 3:15 and how it points to Christ. He then looks at the word of God in the giving of the covenant, and the instructions given to the kings. He looks at the obligation to respond to the giving of the law. Bolt looks at how people view spirituality and the knowledge of God., Cassette label reads : "B and M tape 4"


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