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Multiple Bible readings throughout the talk. Cameron looks at self-inclosure. He examines a non-believer who challenges believers to act on world need, and the availability of fair trade material.

not after 2015

Nichols asks why evangelics are poor at speaking to controversial issues, and at relating Christian understanding and prophetic insight to our own immediate environment. Each individual will take different social action, with a need for some to be involved in policy making., Cassette label reads: "Rev Alan Nichols Keynote Address 1 1350 ©1979"


Cameron explores the concept of poverty - that we are all born poor, and only God can make us rich. He considers how poverty divides us in this world. Cameron suggests some ways that we humanise statistics around poverty. He shows that the poor have more patience, and that the wealthy countries are not listening to the poorer countries. Cameron explores the damage of coveteousness, and the challenge of the missionary being much wealthier than the local people whom they are serving., Reel box reads : "S. School '73 - tape 2 Side 1 : Who is free - Dr Newman Side 2 : Who is poor - Ven E Cameron"


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