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Cole speaks on the example of prayer from Philippians 1. He looks at their passion, what they did well in prayer, and where they failed, as an encouragement for his audience. 1. Having the person you are praying for in mind. 2. Praying with others of different age groups. 3. Prayer comes from our relationship with Christ - both for believers and non-believers 4. Praying for younger churches 5. What to pray


Claydon explores the importance of corporate prayer, with a special focus on prayer meetings, and examples from the New Testament where these were held. Claydon explores the importance of unity in prayer, and compares it to agreement in prayer.


Two talks on this side: First talk : Baughen explores prayer from James 4, and the importance of drawing near to God. He stresses the importance of starting your day in prayer, and that it is essential to our faith. Baughen explores some of the problems people face in their prayer life. He then explores some techniques used to assist in prayer. Second talk : sound distorted and not in English. German?


Baughen speaks on John 15. He shows that we must be in union with Christ in order for prayer to be answered. Baughen stresses the importance of spending time in God's word and living by it, and that if we are not letting Christ change our lives it is unlikely that our prayers will be answered. Baughen explores how abiding in Christ shapes our prayers.


Aldis speaks on the reasons that we should pray for others : 1. Scripture commands it 2. Who should I pray for? 3. Being irregular in prayer for people 4. What to pray 5. Pray for others in love and faith 6. Praying specifically, expectantly and with perserverance


Wesson explores what worship is from Revelation 4. He defines worship as worth ship - what we think God is worth. Wesson examines why we struggle to bring God praise and worship, and that our daily lives cultivate our prayer. Wesson speaks on how we praise and worship, including the importance of corporate praise and worship, and the types of things that we say.


Wesson and the wider All Souls team answers questions from the congregation on the topic of prayer relating to the series on prayer.


Speaker looks at how people view prayer 1. When it seems like God is not listening 2. Challenging things that make us doubt prayer 3. Motivations/perspectives on prayer 4. Experience of prayer


Anderson makes a distinction between the work of God for us and the work of God in us, or the work of God for us (justification) and the work of God in us (sanctification). Anderson looks at preaching on the Old Testament, Biblical theology and the unity of the Bible. He explores the unity within the Trinity. He looks at the importance of maintaining historical accuracy in salvation history. Anderson explores the importance of the ascension and what it teaches us about Jesus. He explains, from the New Testament, how we know that these are the last days.


Loane speaks on the topic of prayer. He listed the occassions where prayer is unique to Luke. Loane explains his wrestles with the prayer book as a student. He looks at the context of the Lord's Prayer in both Matthew and Luke, with special attention to what it means for God to be our father.


Gill continues the series on prayer using the ACTS model, looking at confession. He explores what confession is in this context, why we do it, and how some people view confession as a pre-requisite for forgiveness. He explains that confession is about being forgiven already, rather than getting forgiveness. He examines Luke 18:9-14, and the application including no specific rules. Talk is followed by questions and answers.


Bourne speaks on Ephesians 6:18-20. He talks on praying for spiritual and mental growth. Bourne stresses that the key to all prayer is the glory of God, including healing. Bourne looks at prayer for the servants, that is those who are sharing the word with others.


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