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Birchley speaks against pennance in the context of sin from Psalm 51. He explores David's perspective of sin, showing that he is a sinner. Birchley shows David's complete assurance that God forgives, and that this leads to obedience, and getting on with the work of the gospel.

Birchley, Keith

Birchley looks at how the godly person acts from Psalm 31. He examines what David says about God, as he runs from Saul, to God. Birchley challenges the audience to use David's prayer as an example, where there is some emotion, but not over the top. He shows that our whole lives are in God's hands, both the good times and the bad, and that God is still building us up in the bad times.

Birchley, Keith

Birchley looks at the greatness and goodness of God from Psalm 104.

Birchley, Keith

Birchley explores the goodness of God, how we know God is good, and how we should respond from Psalm 71.

Birchley, Keith

Loane speaks on Mark 14. He explores the theology in some of the hymns which have sustained the passing of time.

Loane, Marcus Lawrence , Abp , 1911-2009

Gillham introduces the topic and opens in prayer. Leslie likewise opens gently, and lays out what his aim is not, and what his aim is, to understand human violence in the context of the fall of the entire human race. He stresses that this does subtract from the importance of supporting survivors/victims in church settings and seeking professional help. Leslie explores Psalm 55 and David's experiences. He examines how hard it is to hand our anger over to God and entrust the justice to God, but that God can turn the wounds into joy. Leslie looks at the context of sin throughout the world, and places domestic violence within this context.


Grimmond speaks on seeking our help from The Lord from Psalm 121. He explores God's character and commitment, and reminds his listeners that God loves us. Grimmond shows that God is always with us, that nothing can separate us from God and that everything belongs to God.


Originally delivered 1994-04-14

Smith, Bruce Leslie

Originally delivered 1996-08-22

Smith, Bruce Leslie

Session 1 of SOT2012. "A Book of Psalms?" by James Hely Hutchinson. Includes "Engaged by Images" by Ian McGilvray

Hutchinson, James Hely

Bible. Psalms - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

Jensen, Phillip D.

Bible. Psalms - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

Hill, Michael

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