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Originally delivered 1993-07-01

Gill, Stewart

Originally delivered 1993-07-01

Anderson, Malcolm

Originally delivered 1984-09-19

Davies, GlennNaunton

Lecture on 1 Corinthians 15 exploring the importance of the resurrection and why it is the foundation of the gospel, both historically and why it makes Jesus ruler and Lord, describing him as the Shekhinah of the Old Testament hope.

Polous, Archie

Originally delivered 1984-09-12

Davies, GlennNaunton

Originally delivered 1991-04-18

Davies, GlennNaunton

Originally delivered 1995-08-04

Lucas, Richard Charles

Bible. 1 Thessalonians - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

Davies, GlennNaunton

Lecture on 1 Peter exploring the value of honour and it's application

Jensen, Peter

Originally delivered 1987-01-01

McEntee, Walter

Cassette from Mary Andrews archives.

Andrews, Mary

McDonald, Ross

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