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Barnett, Paul

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Originally delivered 2003-03-18


Originally delivered 2003-04-01


Originally delivered 2003-03-25


Barnett explores Paul's address in Athens from Acts 17, and how this is different because the audience of Gentiles is different. Barnett examines Paul's letters to corroborate Luke's summaries in Acts. Barnett then explores Peter's sermon as recorded in Acts, and also compares it to Peter's letters for corroboration. Barnett summarises the text as an announcement of objective facts, of what God has done in history. It also includes who Jesus is, our brokeness as seen in our need for Jesus' crucifixion, witness to the Resurrection, and a warning of judgement., Cassette label reads : "Tape 10 5/5/92 new


The City in the Bible, Gen 11, C 230 BAR


The City in the Bible, Isa 47, C 230 BAR


date not identified

Ephesians 4:25-6:4

Barnett speaks on the importance of church. He asks : 1. What is the church? 2. How does the church come into existence?, Cassette label reads : "MYC talk 2 church Paul Barnett 19/7/83"


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