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Fiocco, Dom

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Fiocco speaks on 2 Peter 2:1-22

Fiocco speaks on Acts 10-11, to address favouritism and racism in our churches. He gives an overview of chapters 7-9, and then chapter 10 is read. Fiocco explains the Jewish understanding of salvation, and the racist gap between Jews and Gentiles that ensued. He explains the need for change in the Jewish heart, and Acts 10:9-23 is read. Fiocco expounds Peter's dream, and the visit to Cornelius. He provides a summary of Peter's presentation of the gospel. Discussion of the effect on the Jewish church in Jerusaleum.


Fiocco speaks on Matthew 13:31-32

Speaker gives 4 tips for reading the Bible and listening to teaching - Always check what's said against the Bible, let scripture interpret scripture, derive our beliefs and practices from the teachings part of the Bible, and let the Holy Spirit work. Speaker explores the account of Simon the magician, and the delay of the Samaritan's in receiving the Holy Spirit. He speaks against 2-step salvation, and then explains the history of the Samaritans. The speaker explores the witholding of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of this for unifying the church. He addresses some of the ways people missuse Acts 8.


Funeral service for Bridget


Bible reading from John 15. Talk from Matthew 5. Fiocco provides context to Matthew 5. He then gives an overview of the sermon on the mount, righteousness and repentance. Explanation of the translation of the term "blessed", with discussion of how to be approved. Discussion of the structure, with a present and a future component to each building component. Detailed explanation of grace, and mourning over sin. Discussion of what we should be like and expect as believers. Fiocco reminds listeners that these things are done because we are already going to heaven. Stresses that we should not stop being salty.


Fiocco surveys passages that address marriage and divorce, and the way each are viewed. He places Matthew 5 in it's historical context, and then expounds the passage. Fiocco compares Jesus' view of marriage to that of the Pharasees. Discussion of the word Pornea - it's meaning and usage. Fiocco then explores the application of this passage for his church, with specially attention given to divorce. He encourages his listeners to only enter into marriage if they are committed, but is very sensitive to the various positions in life that his congregation may be in.


Fiocco addresses the issues of adultery and lust from Matthew 5:27-30. He provides a simple definition of sin, and explains how seriously the Bible takes sin, specifically sexual sin. He makes some practical suggestions for avoiding temptation if one struggle sin this area.


Fiocco explores the relationship between Jesus and the Old Testament. Discussion of kingdom righteousness in comparison to pharassic rightousness. Fiocco encourages his listeners to seek reconciliation when there is a falling out. Faith should be built on Jesus and the scriptures, and it should come from the heart.


Fiocco explores what it means for God to be th church, and to encounter the presence of God. Fiocco explores what it meant to have enemies for the Ancient Israelites, how were enemies with God, and how God has made peace with us. He provides some reflections on what the church should be, both as a body, and as individuals. Fiocco reminds his listeners that God is already dwelling with them by his spirit, and that this should affect the way they treat one another.


Fiocco looks at counselling people in pain from Job. He looks at the actions and then advice given by Job's friends. Fiocco speaks against Euthanasia, against the propsperity gospel and against kharma.


Fiocco summarises his earlier talks. He critiques the advice given by Job's friends, and then explores the discussion between God and Job. Fiocco argues that Job is more about wisdom then about suffering, and that wisdom is about knowing and trusting God, who is sovereign, even when life hurts.


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