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Centre for Christian Living audio talks

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Payne's first interview as Centre for Christian Living director. He explores the aim of the centre and his plan for the year.


Audio and PDF outline of CCL evening seminar.


Kuhn and Grimmond explore secular community, how this is seeping into church community. Kyhn explores what a community is, and that Christian community is unique because it is bound by Christ. Grimmond argues that you cannot have Christ without community, because we are all part of the body. He explores what this means in practise, especially appreciating the others in church. Some discussion of having a mixed group rather than specific demographics.


Kuhn introduces the topic and speakers. Treweek introduces the challenges in addressing the topic, and the importance of having God's perspective as the most important perspective. Treweek explores whether living without sex is truly living, exploring the history between society and sex, including both the industrial and sexual revolutions. She shows from the Bible that heaven will not have sex, and thus that we should not be ultimate. Thomson explores if life without sex is realistic. He stresses the importance of walking by the Spirit, and he will give you the strength to overcome sexual sin. Thompson addresses questions raised by 1 Corinthians 7. Talk is followed by questions., Recorded during Victoria's lockdown before the single's bubble.


Event hosted jointly by the Centre for Christian Living and Freedom for Faith. The introduction was given by Tony Payne, part 1 'Can we talk publicly about same-sex marriage?' was given by Michael Kellahan, and Part 2 'Can we talk personally about same-sex marriage?' was given by Tony Payne.


Kuhn looks at 3 ways that we negate joy in community : 1. We fail to confess sin, including the importance of both corporate and private confession. 2. We envy one another 3. We focus on capatability rather than community in our gatherings


Kuhn and Payne answer questions raised at the CCL event on christian community.


Payne explores what is meant by the public square. He explores the challenges of different spaces including paid and government. Payne challenges both the positions of any mention is too much and there shouldn't be a limit. There is discussion of views that reject religious influence, and that consider secularism to be the only sane thinking. Payne explores how this disadvantages critical thinking.


Cameron explores the history of politics in Australia, including the Westminister system, and Indigenous politics. He examines various Bible passages that speak to politics and faith. Cameron provides some contempory issues that Christians think about, where it can be easy to think about and where it can be tricky. He explores ways Christians think including demarkation and restoration.


Wu looks at how society thinks about guilt and shame. He explores the impacts of guilt and shame, and the difference between them. He details how these impact our understanding of the Bible, and the importance of holding it in a shame culture. Wu explores shame culture, and distingushes between the action of being shamed and the feeling of being shamed. Wu explains that we deal with shame and guilt by having a true view of honour, and then turning this both on ourselves and others. Talk is followed by questions.


Dealing with guilt and shame


Conyers looks at how we deal with sin, life patterns for dealing with sin, and then a panel discussion with concrete examples of dealing with sin. Conyers explores who we are and that we are sinners. He explores the need for both the Spirit and the Word to be at work to change us, as well as our willingness to change. Some discussion of the role of accountability partners. Talk is followed by questions and answers., Recorded during the open period between the two Sydney lockdowns of 2020/2021


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