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AMCL 2021

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Thompson introduces the final talk, and recaps the series so far. Hohne also provides a recap of the series. He connects all the talks together. Talk is followed by questions.


Hohne explores what happens when God's choice of Jesus Christ meets the alternative claims made by the chosing self. He explores theologians throughout history, especially the Nicean debates, as well as Biblical passages, especially in Colossians and Proverbs. Hohne uses Hagel to explore the choosing self in contrast to God's choice of Jesus Christ, where he is desiring to separate father from son, and thus father could not glorify the son. Hohne shows that Father and son are equally divine. Talk is followed by questions.


Thompson introduces the Annual Moore College Lectures for 2021 and the speaker David Hohne. Hohne explores what happens when God's choice of Jesus comes into contact with the choosing self. He examines what the choosing self is in the modern world. Hohne details the role of the Romantics in the development of the concept of 'self'. He then explores how this has developed in the 21st century in capitalism, social media and influencers. Hohne shows how Jesus is the exact opposite of the 'self', and is all throughout history by the Spirit, surrounding the self, forcing the self to submit to Christ. Talk is followed by questions.


Earngey introduces the talk. Hohne recaps his earlier talks. He explores the implications of Jesus' death and resurrection. Hohne explores historical debates around the trinity, and supports them with passages relating to the Spirit, especially Acts. He compares the coming of the Holy Spirit to appearances of Yahweh in the Old Testament. Talk is followed by questions.


Gillham explains the history of the Annual Moore College Lectures as introduction to the session. Hohne recaps earlier talks. He explores the point of envying the beloved son from the parable of the wicked tenants, and other passages. He details conflict in the temple between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. Hohne explores examples of divine choice from the Old Testament, including David, Moses, Joseph, Abel, in contrast to the envy of the choosing self. Hohne explores envying both God's favour and his proximity. Talk is followed by questions.


Kuhn introduces the sixth talk. He shows that God's wisdom is seen as foolishness in the world. Hohne looks at how God is in Christ as image and as first-born, overthrowing the powers of evil. He shows that God is in Christ in the power of the Spirit. Hohne explores this is in the gospel accounts, and in history.


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